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Outline for Life

This Outline for Life is your foundational guide for physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual wholeness and wellness. It encompasses the essential core principles in a logical and fundamental order, which if appropriately embraced and followed may bring about healing and well-being for your entire God-designed nature—body, soul, and spirit. It is concise, yet sufficiently detailed to give you all the necessary tools and information for your success in becoming and staying well in your every nature.

            The entire Outline has been separated into its three component Parts—Body (physical), Soul (mental and emotional), and Spirit (spiritual)—to make it more easily assimilated, as the entire Outline is approximately 45 pages.

            Each Part has an introductory skeletal outline, which delineates each topic in the body of the primary discussion (which follows the outline) to give you a quick overview. I recommend reading a couple points of the primary discussion each day and working your way through each Part in its entirety. Each discussion is organized in a hierarchy of priority beginning from the first point to the last, so the essential and foundational points of each Part are discussed in their logical sequence. 


The Wellness Questionnaire is a tool consisting of 60 questions covering 37 critical points for your entire well-being—body, soul, and spirit.  It is simply a tool to be utilized by you to identify areas where you are doing well and areas that need attention to get well. Each question is linked with a discussion point in the Outline for Life.


The Medication Worksheets are to help you and your doctor evaluate your prescription medications and over-the-counter medications that may be adversely affecting you. 


This complete Outline for Life digital download contains the full set of all these documents in their entirety - 53 pages in all. You can preview the individual skeletal outlines on the Resources page of this website. 


It’s your life—your body, your soul, your spirit—by God’s design.

                                       My prayers are with you.


Outline for Life

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