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Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Free Initial Evaluation to Ascertain How I May Help You!

          Simply email me at and outline your concern to see how I may be able to help you grow spiritually, understand God’s Word clearly, become a godly person of character and integrity, become transformed into the image of Christ, have a deep and intimate relationship with God and loved ones, and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the best you can be in following God’s plan and purpose. There will be no financial obligation and you can then freely choose if an initial guidance session is right for you. Please peruse my website! I have taught the Bible in churches, written books and studies about the Bible, mentored strong Christians—and I am here for you.


A typical guidance session is not limited to, but may include any or all of the following, and is uniquely tailored to each individual’s specific needs and desires to attain and maintain spiritual wellness and maturity:

  • Your main concern to be addressed is always our priority.
  • The Spiritual and Mental/Emotional sections of the Wellness Questionnaire are essential to ascertain your spiritual well-being and potential spiritual growth and to identify areas that need to be addressed.
  • Confirming your salvation through Jesus Christ, understanding God’s Word, and solidifying Christian and biblical beliefs.
  • Techniques for reading and studying the Bible, prayer, worship, meditation, and more.
  • The importance of spiritual warfare and its utilization.
  • Spiritual growth and transformation by cooperation with the Holy Spirit and Scripture.
  • Developing spiritual discernment and understanding and utilizing your spiritual gifts.
  • Embracing spiritual disciplines and study for continued growth.
  • Becoming an empowered Spirit-filled believer.


                    It’s Your Life, Your Spirit—by God’s Design

Spiritual Guidance Sessions

  • Details

    Time Usage:  Please note that each session, whether consulting, coaching, or guidance will include 2 or more hours of my time—one hour is for direct communication with the client via email, phone, fax, or online video meeting, and one hour or more will be for my preparation, research into specific topics that may need attention, document and note preparation, and any digital or hard copy documents or information prepared for the client. Some documents may be provided to the client at no charge, but some documents and resources will only be available for the client to purchase if they choose to do so.

                Each session with the client may include any combination of the following for a total of a one-hour session:

    • 60 minutes of online video meetings via or similar telehealth communication; or
    • 60 minutes of direct phone communication; or
    • Approximately 12 email communications sent by me to you, the client; or
    • Approximately 6 faxes (handwritten or document communications); or any combination thereof with the equivalent of one hour of session time.

    [Session time commences after the initial collection of client information and signed agreement form.]


    Forms: Required forms to be filled out by the client and returned via email, fax, or direct mail include: [These will be emailed to you upon purchasing the initial consultation or can be downloaded directly from the website.]


    Fees:  Initial Guidance Session $125   

                Subsequent Sessions $100 each

                [All fees paid via website]

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